Trimble R580 GNSS System with ProPoint










The Trimble R580 delivers high-precision GNSS performance, catering to professionals in surveying, mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS), civil construction, and utilities. This survey-grade device facilitates the swift and precise capture of centimeter-level positioning, enhancing productivity in diverse field applications.

Equipped with the proven Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine, the R580 allows users to measure points with accuracy even in challenging environments, such as areas under tree canopy or near buildings. The incorporation of Trimble EVEREST™ Plus technology ensures the identification and elimination of unwanted multipath signals, enhancing overall accuracy and data reliability.

Chris Trevillian, the director of product management at Trimble Geospatial, emphasizes that the R580 introduces industry-leading Trimble ProPoint functionality across various form factors in Trimble's GNSS receiver portfolio. This broad range of options caters to diverse applications, project requirements, and team sizes.

Powered by Trimble Maxwell™ 7 chipset technology, the R580 boasts fast processing, anti-spoofing capability, and the ability to track all available GNSS constellations. This translates to increased satellite availability, ensuring robust positioning in a wide array of environments.

The Trimble R580 offers cost-effective, high-accuracy positioning for geospatial applications. Supporting Trimble RTX® correction services, it enables RTK-level precision without relying on a local base station or VRS network, thereby saving time and costs during field operations. The receiver is compatible with various mobile devices and platforms, including Trimble handhelds, controllers, smartphones, tablets, and can be mounted on poles, vehicles, or backpacks.

When paired with field software like Trimble Access™ and Trimble TerraFlex®, the R580 streamlines the collection and communication of information, contributing to a seamless professional-grade field-to-office workflow.