Dual Trimble SPS985 Base & Rover RTK GNSS Receiver kit Beidou Galileo 900MHZ UHF

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🌐 **Unlock Precision in Construction and Surveying with the Dual Trimble SPS985 Base and Rover Kit**

Elevate your surveying and construction projects to new heights with the Dual Trimble SPS985 Base and Rover Kit. This versatile kit, configurable for UHF or 900MHz, empowers you with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Fully loaded with all constellations available, these units are equivalent in functionality to the renowned Trimble R10 receivers. Experience the power of precision with every measurement. Works with Trimble Access or Trimble Siteworks / SCS900 Application.

🚀 **Key Features:**

✅ **Dual Configuration Options:** Choose between UHF or 900MHz configuration based on your project needs. Enjoy flexibility without compromising performance.

✅ **Full Constellation Support:** The Trimble SPS985 units are fully loaded, supporting all constellations for unparalleled accuracy in any environment.

✅ **Base and Rover Included:** The kit comes complete with one base unit and one rover, providing a comprehensive solution for your surveying or construction tasks.

✅ **Antennas and Batteries:** Equipped with high-performance antennas for extended range and two rechargeable batteries, ensuring continuous operation on the field.

✅ **Charging Kit Included:** Stay powered up with the included charging kit, keeping your units ready for action.

✅ **Fully Tested and Guaranteed:** Units are thoroughly tested and guaranteed to arrive in optimal working condition, giving you confidence in their reliability.

📈 **Technical Specifications:**

- **Model:** Trimble SPS985
- **Configuration Options:** UHF or 900MHz (Please let us know your preference)
- **Constellation Support:** GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
- **Receiver Type:** Dual-frequency GNSS
- **Base/Rover Accuracy:** 10 mm + 1 ppm
- **Memory:** 8 GB internal storage
- **Battery Life:** Up to 10 hours
- **Weight:** 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)

🛠️ **Applications:**

Ideal for both construction and surveying applications, the Trimble SPS985 kit offers functionality comparable to Trimble R10 receivers. Use it for:

- ✅ Construction Site Layout
- ✅ Topographic Surveys
- ✅ Stakeout and As-Built Surveys
- ✅ High-Precision Measurements

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