Trimble RTS773 Vision DR HP 3"/ 2" Robotic Total Station For surveying, BIM and construction

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Trimble RTS773 3"/2" Robotic Total Station, with Trimble Vision, DR HP

🌐 **Discover Precision Excellence with the Trimble RTS773 Robotic Total Station - Certified and Ready to Perform!**

Unleash the power of advanced surveying technology with the Trimble RTS773, a 3"/2" Robotic Total Station designed to redefine precision in the field. This unit is in excellent condition, meticulously inspected, and professionally checked to meet the highest standards. Elevate your surveying capabilities with confidence, knowing you have a reliable partner in the Trimble RTS773. Works well with Trimble Access and Trimble Field Link.

🚀 **Key Features:**

✅ **Exceptional Accuracy:** Achieve surveying perfection with the 3"/2" angular accuracy of the Trimble RTS773. This high-precision total station ensures your measurements are always on point.

✅ **Robotic Capabilities:** Increase productivity and efficiency with the robotic functionality of the Trimble RTS773. Experience the convenience of one-person surveying while the instrument automatically tracks and follows your target.

✅ **Excellent Condition:** This Trimble RTS773 is in pristine condition, meticulously inspected and professionally checked to ensure it meets and exceeds expectations. Buy with confidence, knowing you're getting a top-notch instrument.

✅ **Works Seamlessly with Trimble Access and Field Link:** The Trimble RTS773 seamlessly integrates with Trimble Access and Field Link software, providing a comprehensive solution for data collection, survey planning, and field layout. Maximize your workflow efficiency with these powerful Trimble applications.

✅ **Comprehensive Package:** Your purchase includes the Trimble RTS Total Station, one battery, battery charging kit, case for protection, and all necessary documentation. Everything you need to start surveying with confidence.

📈 **Technical Specifications:**

- **Model:** Trimble RTS773
- **Angular Accuracy:** 3" (seconds) / 2" (seconds)
- **Robotic Functionality:** Yes
- **Condition:** Excellent (Professionally inspected and checked)
- **Included Accessories:** Battery Case, Documentation

🛠️ **Applications:**

The Trimble RTS773 is an ideal solution for a variety of surveying applications, including:

- ✅ Construction Layout
- ✅ Topographic Mapping
- ✅ As-Built Surveys
- ✅ Monitoring and Deformation Studies

🔧 **Why Choose the Trimble RTS773:**

Trimble is synonymous with precision and reliability in the surveying industry. The RTS773 continues this legacy, offering cutting-edge technology, ease of use, and the assurance of excellent condition.

💼 **Ready to Boost Your Surveying Efficiency?**

Upgrade your surveying capabilities with the Trimble RTS773 3"/2" Robotic Total Station. Experience precision, reliability, and efficiency like never before.

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