Trimble R12i UHF Receiver with Ranger 5 Access + Centerpoint RTX Fast

  • $21,750.00
  • Save $18,249.99

Options for the R12i Receiver

🛰️ **Introducing the Trimble R12i UHF Receiver & Ranger 5 Field Collector Bundle!**

At 9JA Enterprise, we're thrilled to present to you the pinnacle of surveying technology: the Trimble R12i UHF Receiver paired with the Spectra Trimble Ranger 5 Field Collector. Our comprehensive package is meticulously tested by our in-house technicians to ensure reliability and accuracy in every operation.

The Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service annual subscription is transmitted via L-Band satellite or internet connection. This innovative technology offers precise GNSS positioning without relying on conventional reference station-based RTK infrastructure. Experience increased operational uptime, rapid initialization, reduced hardware costs, and other advantages.

### Trimble R12i UHF Receiver Specifications & Features:

- **IMU Option**: Integrated IMU for enhanced positioning accuracy.
- **Base and Rover Capability**: Seamlessly switch between base and rover modes.
- **Triple Frequency Tracking**: Ensures robust signal reception and tracking.
- **GNSS Compatibility**: Supports GPS, SBAS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZss, and IRNSS constellations.
- **Correction Services**: Includes xFill, Centerpoint RTX, and RTX FAST subscriptions for 1 year.
- **Internal UHF Radio**: Frequency range of 403-473 MHz for reliable communication.
- **Price**: New price of $29,000.00
- **Warranty**: 3-month in-house limited warranty provided by 9JA Enterprise.

### Spectra Trimble Ranger 5 Field Collector Technical Specifications:

- **Price**: $7,500.00
- **Included Accessories**:
- Ranger 5 Data Collector
- Ranger 5 USB Charging Adapter
- Ranger 5 Softcase
- Trimble Access 2023.10 Software with perpetual license (maintenance warranty until 6/26/2024)
- **Features**: Robust and intuitive field data collection capabilities.

### Included in the Sale:

- Trimble R12 Case
- 2 Rechargeable Batteries
- New Dual-Bay Battery Charging Kit
- USB Download Cable
- Trimble Quick Connect Adapter
- Whip Antenna
- Trimble Access 2023.10 Software with Perpetual License and Maintenance Warranty
- Ranger 5 Data Collector with Accessories

### Additional Notes:

- The Trimble R12i has been repaired by replacing the faulty Bluetooth module with a new one.
- **Global Shipping**: We specialize in shipping worldwide, ensuring you receive your equipment wherever you are.

With our comprehensive package and meticulous testing, you can purchase with confidence knowing you have top-tier equipment backed by 9JA Enterprise's commitment to quality and service excellence.

Upgrade your surveying capabilities with the Trimble R12i UHF Receiver & Ranger 5 Field Collector bundle today! Contact us to place your order or for further inquiries.

As we are not authorized Trimble dealers, Trimble does not extend any implied warranty on units not purchased through their dealers. However, we offer our in-house limited warranty for three months on units purchased from us, ensuring you can make your purchase with confidence. All equipment go through rigorous testing to ensure they work as they are inteded to.