Trimble EZ-STEER Steering Control Module 53057-10

  • $999.99

P/N 53057-10
AgGPS® EZ-Steer® 500 Steering Control Module with T2® Technology
This Steering Control Module (SCM) is designed for use with the AgGPS® EZ-Steer® assisted steering system and is ideal for applications that require 6-8 inch pass-to-pass guidance accuracy on ditches, waterways, and terraces, or any other rolling, sloping or rough terrain.
SCM Features:
Comes standard with T2® technology to increase performance on rough terrain.
Uses two accelerometers and two gyroscopes to compensate for roll and yaw. Information from these sensors that are located in the steering controller is used at 50 times a second to compensate the GPS position for sloping and rough terrain.
Controller can be in mounted in several specific orientations within the vehicle cab.
Combines a friction wheel with GPS guidance from the EZ-Guide® 500 lightbar and turns the steering wheel for you.