Trimble Case IH New Holland TMX-2050 XCN-2050 Field-IQ RTK Guidance Display

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🚜 **Trimble Ag Display Model TMX-2050 / Case IH New Holland XCN-2050**

Unlock the full potential of your agricultural operations with the Trimble Ag Display Model TMX-2050, also branded by Case IH New Holland as the XCN-2050. This high-performance display is fully tested and guaranteed to arrive in excellent cosmetic condition, ready to enhance your precision farming experience.

### **Technical Specifications:**

- **Display Size:** 12.1 inches
- **Touchscreen:** Yes
- **Processor:** High-speed, responsive performance
- **Operating System:** Trimble Precision OS
- **Compatibility:** Works seamlessly with a variety of agricultural equipment

### **Key Features:**

- **FMX Plus License:** Enables advanced features for comprehensive farm management.
- **Precision-IQ License:** Enhances precision farming capabilities for optimized productivity.
- **Basic Accuracy:** Reliable accuracy for basic agricultural tasks.
- **High Accuracy:** Exceptional precision for demanding applications.
- **Auto Steering:** Achieve precise and efficient navigation in the field.
- **ISOBUS UT:** Seamless compatibility with ISOBUS-enabled implements.

### **Activated Regions:**
- Australia/New Zealand
- CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)
- Central Asia
- Central/South Africa
- China
- Europe
- Korea
- Magnolia
- North Africa
- North America
- South Asia
- Southeast Asia

### **Condition:**
This Trimble Ag Display Model TMX-2050 / Case IH New Holland XCN-2050 is in excellent cosmetic condition, assuring you of its quality and durability.

### **Note:**
This sale includes the receiver alone; no other accessories are included.

### **Why Choose the TMX-2050 / XCN-2050?**
- **Proven Performance:** Fully tested and guaranteed to function flawlessly.
- **Global Compatibility:** Activated in key regions worldwide to suit your farming needs.
- **Precision Farming:** Empowered with licenses for FMX Plus, Precision-IQ, and more.
- **Reliable Navigation:** Auto Steering for precise field navigation.
- **ISOBUS Compatibility:** Seamless integration with ISOBUS implements.

Enhance your precision farming capabilities with the Trimble Ag Display Model TMX-2050 / Case IH New Holland XCN-2050. Invest in the future of agriculture and take your operations to new heights. Order now to optimize your efficiency and yield!