Calibrated Faro Quantum S w/ 8 Axis G5 Arm FaroBlu HD Laser Probe System

  • $29,999.99
  • Save $20,000.01

🚀 **Unleash Precision Engineering with Faro Quantum S 8 Axis Arm System!**

Discover the pinnacle of metrology excellence with the Faro Quantum S 8 Axis Arm System. This fully calibrated system, boasting the esteemed Laser Line FaroBlu HD model probe (Part No. 21022), is a powerhouse for precision measurements. Take your dimensional inspection and quality control to unprecedented levels with the comprehensive features of this exceptional unit.

🛠️ **Key Components Included:**
- **Faro Arm Quantum 3.5m 7 Axis (Part No. 21000-735):** Renowned for its accuracy and versatility, this arm is the backbone of the Quantum S system.
- **8-Axis, G5 Arm (Part No. 900-000025-000):** Elevate your measurement capabilities with the 8-axis functionality, offering unparalleled flexibility.
- **Laser Line FaroBlu HD Probe (Part No. 21022):** High-definition laser scanning for precise and detailed data acquisition.
- **Two Battery Modules:** Ensure uninterrupted operation and extended usage in the field.
- **Manual and USB for Drivers:** Comprehensive documentation and drivers for seamless integration into your workflow.
- **Various Accessories as Shown in Images:** Enhance your measurement experience with a range of included accessories.

💰 **Incredible Value:**
This comprehensive Quantum S 8 Axis Arm System originally cost $56,984.00, a testament to its advanced features and industry-leading technology. Now, you have the opportunity to own this extraordinary system at an unbeatable value.

🌐 **Worldwide Shipping:**
No matter where you are, this Quantum S system can be shipped to your doorstep. Experience the precision of Faro technology no matter your location.

🔐 **Ownership Transfer:**
This unit is a one-owner system, and the ownership can be seamlessly transferred to the new owner, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

📸 **Included Images:**
See the Faro Quantum S 8 Axis Arm System in action with detailed images showcasing the unit and its accessories.

📦 **What's Included:**
- Faro Quantum 3.5m 7 Axis Arm
- 8-Axis, G5 Arm
- Laser Line FaroBlu HD Probe
- Two Battery Modules
- Manual and USB for Drivers
- Various Accessories as Shown in Images

ğŸ“ž **Contact Us:**
If you have any questions or if you're ready to elevate your metrology capabilities with the Faro Quantum S 8 Axis Arm System, contact us now. Take the first step toward precision and efficiency in your measurements.

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