Trimble R12i, R750, TSC5, AND TDL450Hx Base & Rover UHF Surveying RTK kit.

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# Elevate Your Surveying Precision with the Trimble Base and Rover Kit

#### Unmatched Accuracy, Ultimate Reliability

Take your surveying capabilities to the next level with the Trimble Base and Rover Kit, designed for professionals who demand the highest accuracy and reliability in their work. Whether you’re working in construction, land surveying, or any other field requiring precise geospatial data, this comprehensive kit has you covered.


### What's Included:

#### Trimble R12i w/ UHF with Full Option + IMU (Tilt Sensor)
- **Features:** Built-in UHF radio, rugged design, and exceptional GNSS performance.
- **Benefits:** Achieve superior accuracy in the toughest environments, ensuring reliable data collection and productivity.

#### R12i Receiver Whip Antenna (430-470 MHz)
- **Features:** High-gain antenna tailored for UHF frequencies.
- **Benefits:** Ensures robust signal reception for reliable data transmission and extended range.

#### Trimble R750 Base Receiver with Full Options
- **Features:** Advanced multi-constellation GNSS capabilities, high-precision performance.
- **Benefits:** Provides a reliable base for your RTK operations, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

#### Trimble Zephyr GNSS Geodetic Antenna
- **Features:** Superior multipath rejection, comprehensive GNSS support.
- **Benefits:** Delivers precise positioning data, crucial for high-stakes projects.

#### Trimble TSC5 Field Collector
- **Features:** Rugged handheld device with an intuitive interface and fast processing power.
- **Benefits:** Streamlines data collection and field work with seamless connectivity to GNSS receivers.

#### Trimble Access Software w/ Perpetual License
- **Features:** Full-featured surveying software with a perpetual license.
- **Benefits:** Allows for long-term usage without recurring costs, providing powerful tools for data management and analysis.

#### Trimble TDL450Hx Long Range UHF Radio (430-470 MHz)
- **Features:** High-power, long-range UHF radio.
- **Benefits:** Ensures consistent and robust communication between base and rover in challenging terrains.


### Essential Accessories:

- **Antenna Cable:** Reliable connection for optimal signal transmission.
- **Y Cable for TDL450Hx to Rover Receiver:** Ensures smooth and stable connection for field operations.
- **12V Battery Supply Cable:** Keeps your equipment powered up throughout the day.
- **UHF Cable for R750 Base to Zephyr:** High-quality cable for seamless integration.
- **2 Rechargeable Batteries for Rover:** Provides extended operational time in the field.
- **Battery Charging Kit:** Keeps your batteries ready to go, ensuring uninterrupted work.
- **Pelican Travel Case:** Rugged and secure case for easy transportation and protection of your equipment.


### Why Choose Trimble?

- **Precision Engineering:** Trimble’s equipment is known for its exceptional accuracy and durability, ensuring you get the most reliable data every time.
- **Comprehensive Solutions:** This kit includes everything you need for professional surveying, from high-performance GNSS receivers to robust field software.
- **Field-Proven Reliability:** Trusted by professionals worldwide, Trimble’s solutions are designed to perform in the most demanding environments.


### Invest in Your Success

Don't compromise on the quality of your surveying equipment. With the Trimble Base and Rover Kit, you are investing in precision, efficiency, and reliability. Equip your team with the best tools available and see the difference in your project outcomes.

Elevate your surveying precision with Trimble – where accuracy meets excellence.

Includes 3 Month In-House Warranty Provided by 9ja Enterprise.