Trimble SPS851 modular receiver for surveying and construction SPS-851

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For sale is an excellent Trimble SPS851 Modular Receiver. The item is in excellent condition as it is like new (actual photos shown). See Options below. 

Sale includes: SPS851 ALONE.


Trimble SPS851 Receiver

Trimble® SPS851 Modular GPS Receivers are ideal for semi-permanent or permanent base station setups, construction rover applications as well as marine based applications. Now heavy and highway contractors have the ideal base station to support grade checking, site measurement and stakeout. The receivers can be utilized as a rover with a controller in a site supervisors vehicle or on a pole. Modular Design Means Flexible Set Up The Trimble SPS851 receivers combine the radio and GPS receiver in a single housing. This allows contractors to secure the majority of their investment inside a site trailer or carrying case, protected from the elements and theft, leaving only the antennas outside. The antennas can now be located clear of obstructions and provide maximum radio coverage on site.

• Highly flexible base or rover receiver for construction site measurement applications and system integrators
• Separate antennas and receiver for maximum radio coverage and security on the job site
• Integrated license-free 900 MHz or 450 MHz UHF radio for base and rover tasks
• Rapid daily base station setup with a single button push using AutoBase™ technology
• Internet enabled base station via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS phone
• Supports GPS and L2C Modernized GPS signals
• Trimble SPS851 can be upgraded with GLONASS or L5 signals
• Integrated battery that also acts as a UPS power supply
• 1PPS output for time synchronization with other devices

 A future–proof investment Available in a range of options to suit your construction application and performance requirements, versatile Trimble GPS receivers are a future-proof investment. The SPS851 Modular GPS Receiver is designed to receive current and future satellite signals. This receiver supports GPS modernization through support of L2C code and can be upgraded to receive GLONASS or L5 GPS signals, protecting your investment well into the future.