New Trimble Seco 72758-00 TSC3 Ranger Pole Cradle Bracket for Data Collector

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Trimble TSC3 GPS Mount Range Pole Cradle Bracket data collector 72758-00




Quick-Release Pole Mount Range Bracket / Attachment for your Data Collector. Used for GPS & GIS applications.

  • Quick Release System for lightning fast assembly and disassembly of cradle; Allows for quick removal of  Data Collector from the pole
  • Cradle safely attaches to the Data Collector and drastically reduces the probability of damaging the Data Collector (Won't over tighten).
  • Pole Clamp Mount Component fits 1.25 inch (standard) pole types.
  • Corrosion-resistant design (made of anodized aluminum and stainless screws).


Cradle Claw

  • The clamping system features an innovative clamping device that keeps your data collecting hardware snug on the pole where it belongs without crushing it.
  • Made of durable anodized aluminum for years of trouble-free use in the field.
  • These Quick-Release cradles plug directly in to Quick-Release Pole Clamps.
  • Designed specifically for the TSC3.
  • Weighs 0.46 lb (0.21 kg).

Bracket with 0.15 x 0.92 inch Slot

  • The open clamp pole bracket and cradle.
  • The product offers a fast and efficient way to mount data collectors or controllers to antenna poles and rover rods
  • The aluminum open clamp features a quick-release button and a stainless steel clamp screw that attaches to the pole.
  • Depressing the quick-release button will allow the Quick-Release Cradle to rotate in to a comfortable position for reading the data collector or controller.
  • Manufactured from black anodized aluminum
  • Designed for standard poles or rods with a 0.75 to 1.25 inch OD
  • Includes 0.15 x 0.92 inch Slot
  • Weighs 0.48 lb (0.22 kg)




Includes: Cradle Claw, 0.15 x 0.92 inch Bracket, and Sticker Pads.