Thermo Electron PX2 Thermal Cycler PCYL220 HBPX2110 96 Well

  • $199.99

Thermo Scientific Hybaid PX2 thermal cycler

The Px2 thermal cycler is an advanced personal gradient option PCR machine. It is offered with a choice of six interchangeable blocks (ordered separately below), including the latest gradient cycling format. Should your requirements change, you need only purchase additional blocks rather than a complete thermal cycler. Order either 96 x 0.2 mL format (02662-22), or 48 x 0.5 mL format (02662-24), for 384 well format (02662-26). The in situ flat block format (02662-28) can hold 4 x microscope slides. The newest gradient block features outstanding well-to-well uniformity ensure reproducible results when conditions are transferred to standard protocols. Thermal gradient blocks are available in 0.2 mL and 0.5 mL formats.


UNIT POWERS ON: Has Gradient Block Inside