Sonosite L38/10-5 MHz Linear Probe Transducer for Sonosite 180 Plus

  • $299.99

Pulled from working unit Sonosite 180 Plus. Unit is very clean.


Manufacturer : Sonosite Inc. 
Item: • Sonosite L38/10-5 MHz Linear Array Probe for Sonosite Titan/180 Plus/Elite ultrasound system 
Model/Cat # P04101-54 / L38 / 10-5 
Made In: USA 
Date of manufacture
Short description………………. 
Pre-owned item: 
1. Compatible with: Sonosite Titan, 180 Plus, and Elite ultrasound systems. 
2. Applications: used for several applications including Small parts, breast, vascular, nerve, MSK, and superficial. 
3. Features : 
Linear array 
10-5 MHz 
38 mm aperture 
Broadband linear array 
6.5 cm scan depth 
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4. Probe analysis 
Connector : no dents cracks may be some scratches ! 
Lock : looks good 
Cable : Cable has no cuts or tears may has some stains! 
Head and handle : Has no dents or cracks, Lens is smooth, may has few scratches on the handle 

Scan analysis : 
Manual : No 
Case : No 
Provided info are for guidance only ! 
5. Sterilized: NO 
6. Cleaned : Yes 
7. Extra Parts: No 
8. Shipping weight : 06 Lbs