Sokkia B20 32X Automatic Level 2110120BO

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For sale: Very nice Sokkia B20 32X Auto Level. Comes in case. Very nice condition as shown.


  • The Sokkia B20 32X Automatic Level is a instrument with World-proven precision and durability. The Sokkia B series automatic levels feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. Tough and compact bodies are more tightly sealed against water, humidity and dust (IPx6). The B series levels provide quick setup, easy sighting, and superior durability against vibration and shock, ensuring the increased productivity over an extra-long period of time.


  • Precise, Reliable Automatic Compensator: The B series levels incorporate the most precise and reliable compensator available in the market today. The technological superiority of the Sokkia automatic levels has been proven since the release of the best-selling B2 model in 1963. Four super-high-tensile suspension wires and magnetic damping system ensure accuracy and stability even when exposed to temperature changes, vibrations, or shock.
  • Superior Telescope: Optimally designed telescope provides exceptionally bright and sharp view that reduces operator's eye strain. Ultra-short focus distance of 20cm (7.9in.) from end of telescope makes it easiest to use in confined locations. The B20 Model has a Two-speed focus knob switches between coarse and fine for even faster operation
  • Quick Collimation: Two knobs of endless horizontal motion drives can be operated with either hand for fast and easy aiming
  • Horizontal Angle Measurement: Horizontal angles can be read in 1 or 1 gon units. Freely rotatable circle allows any angle reading from zero. Right angles can be quickly set for layout and alignment tasks. The readout window is conveniently located on the instrument base - directly below the eyepiece
  • Stadia: The stadia lines on the reticle allow distance measurements. Simply multiply the staff length between the top and bottom stadia lines by 100.
  • Easy to Adjust: Reticle adjustment is made with one screw. Circular levels vial is adjusted with two screws. Both adjustments are simple and fast with provided tools


  • Length:215mm (8.46in.)
  • Magnification:32x
  • Objective aperture:42mm (1.65in.)
  • Resolving power:3"
  • Field of View: (at 100m/328ft.)120' (2.3m / 7.5ft.)
  • Minimum focus:0.2m (7.9in.) from end of telescope .3m (1ft.) from instrument center
  • Image:Erect
  • Reticle pattern:Wedge
  • Stadia constant:0
  • Stadia ratio:100
  • Focusing knob:2-speed
  • Sighting aid:Peep sight
  • Lens hood:Retractable
  • Accuracy: (standard deviation for 1km double run leveling) Without micrometer0.7mm (0.03in.) With micrometer0.5mm (0.02in.)
  • Type:Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
  • Setting accuracy:0.3"
  • Working range:15'
  • Circular: level
  • Sensitivity:10' / 2mm
  • Mirror:Pentaprism
  • Horizontal: circle
  • Diameter:103mm (4.1 in.)
  • Graduations:1 / 1gon
  • Horizontal motion drive:Clampless, endless, double-sided knobs
  • Water resistance:IPX6 (EC 60529:2001)
  • Operating temperature:-20 to +50C (-4 to +122F)
  • Width:130mm (5.12in.)
  • Length:215mm (8.46in.)
  • Height:140mm (5.51in.)
  • Weight:1.85kg (4.1 lb.)