Revolution PMI 600V CAT IV Power Quality Recorder w/ 1GB, Harmonics FLuke Dranetz

  • $1,999.99

For sale: Revolution PMI  Quality  Recorder: With 1GB Memory and Bluetooth. Comes complete as shown. Extra options loaded. Software is downloadable for free from mfg. website.



AC Voltage: 0 to 600 RMS continuous per phase (±5 kV peak transients)
AC Current: 0 to 5000 Amps
Sample Rate: 1 MHz Voltage (16666 samples/cycle), 250 kHz current (4166 samples/cycle)


Voltage: 4 channels
Current: 4 channels

Measured Quantities Per Cycle

RMS Voltage: Volts
RMS Current: Amps
Real Power: Watts
Apparent Power: VAs
Reactive Power: VARs
Phase Angle: Degrees
Power Factor: Watts/VA
Displacement PF: cos (phase angle)
Power Usage: kWh, kVARh, kVAh


Voltage: 0.33% of full scale
Current: 1.0% of full scale w/o probe
Power: 1.0% of full scale w/o probe
Phase Angle: 1.0° w/o probe
Power Factor: ±0.02 w/o probe
Displacement PF: ±0.02 w/o probe

Power Fail Operation

The recorder can operate without any input voltage for up to 30 minutes. This allows it to record down to 0 volts on all channels during power outages.


Voltage: to the 51st
Current: to the 51st
Measures: Magnitude, phase, THD


Standard: USB
Options: Ethernet

Information Storage

Data Storage: 16 MB (Standard); 128 MB, 512MB or 1 GB (Optional)
Significant Change: 1000 records
Flicker: 1000 records

Record Settings

Interval Graphs: 1 cycle to 4 hour interval, user selected, stop-when-full or wrap-around memory modes Significant Change: 1V to 8V in 1V steps
Flicker Settings: User-defined, or conform to IEEE 1453/IEC 61000-4-15, and IEEE Std. 141
Waveform Capture: Voltage and current threshold, periodic capture, waveshape, event cross triggers Transient Capture : Peak voltage threshold

Power Supply Requirements

Voltage: 60-600VAC Channel 1 to Common (47-63Hz)
Power Consumption: 5 Watts max, 15 VA max at 600V


Operating Temp: -20°F to +135°F
Humidity : Less than or equal to 85%
Shock: 60 Hz to 2 kHz, acceleration 25G
Vibration: 10Hz to 60Hz, amplitude 1.8mm
Max Altitude: 2.0km (6560 ft), derated above 2.0km

Physical Dimensions

Size: 4.8” L x 3.35” W x 1.84” H
Weight: less than 1 lb
Case: NEMA 4X


IEC 61010-1, 600V CAT IV, UL listed