Omega CL-526 Portable Temperature Calibrator CL526

  • $89.99

A highly accurate and powerful system for testing, measuring and calibrating built into a single compact portable instrument. The OMEGA™ CL526 indicator-simulator is a multifunction instrument designed to meet, in a modern and practical way, the needs of instrumentation engineers, both in laboratory and field work. Accurate, compact, rugged and easy to use, it is the ideal solution for measuring and simulating:
• Millivolts
• Volts
• Milliamperes
• Ohms
• Thermocouples
• Resistance Thermometers

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  • NIST Traceable Standard
  • All Normalized IEC, DIN and JIS Thermocouples
  • IPTS68 and ITS90 Linearizations
  • RJ Internal or External with Direct Keyboard Selection
  • mA, mV, V (up to 10 V),Ohm
  • Thermoformed Metal-Click Tactile Polycarbonate Membrane Keyboard
  • 60 Memory Stored Values for 7 Different Simulation Programs
  • Single Value, Multi-Step or Continuous Ramp/Cycle Simulation
  • Rechargeable Ni-H Batteries
  • Bidirectional Digital Interface
  • Report of Calibration Included
  • CE Marked

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