Leica IDS GeoRadar Opera Duo 2 Ground Penetrating Radar GPR w/ UNEXT MALA GSSI

  • $12,999.99

For sale: Turnkey IDS GeoRadar Opera Duo 2 Ground Penetrating Radar system "2 wheel version". up to 25ft depth in optimal condition.

This unit is fully tested and comes as shown. Unit will include 12V battery and the charger, Panasonic CF-19 Toughpad/Laptop loaded with latest UNEXT software. This unit is fully tested and is guaranteed to be in working order when you receive it. The antenna is a dual-frequency unit 250MHz and 700MHz 


Main features include:

  • Superior Maneuverability  A large, comfortable handle to make pushing and pulling easier, large wheels for better control and a balanced weight distribution to offer minimum resistance.
  • Robustness – Engineered and built to withstand the harshest field conditions, the Opera Duo is suitable for heavy use in every type of terrain.
  • Data Quality – Large bandwidth offering the highest resolution; the largest dynamic range for the best penetration depth; and dual-head sensor integrating ultra-wide band antennas (250MHz and 700MHz).
  • Intuitiveness – Just click the start button to receive the best performance in every soil condition. No need to perform calibration or adjust any other manual settings.
  • Results Delivered On Site – The system tracks the position of the radar and marks targets automatically. All of the acquired data can be exported to CAD and GIS, and reports can be produced directly on site.
  • New camera module! - Opera Duo could be supplied with a camera whose aim is to reduce acquisition times, combine surface data with underground detection and allow a post-scanning analysis like you were on site!


Max. Acquisition Speed: more than 10 kph (6 mph) Power Consumption: 13.3 W Positioning: 2 integrated encoders and/or GPS - Total station Scan Rate per Channel (@512 Samples/Scan): 381 scans/sec Scan Interval: 42 scans/m Power Supply: SLA Battery 12VDC 12 AH ANTENNA SPECIFICATIONS Environmental: IP65 Antenna Footprint: 40 x 50 cm Number of Hardware Channels: 2 Dual Head Antenna: 250 MHz and 700 MHz Antenna Orientation: Perpendicular, broadside Equivalent Repetition Frequency: 800 kHz SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Opera Duo Acquisition Software Automatic calibration for an easy and quick start-up Metric and imperial units Visualization and storage of data from both antennas Capability to mark targets and pipes in the software and in the ground Available in more than 20 languages Connection for an NMEA positioning device Export to CAD and GIS Export job reports Advanced grid acquisition procedure