ETC EOS Lighting Console Element 4330a1032 60-500

  • $2,999.99

Lightly used condition. Comes as shown. I slider button/knob is missing and it is only a cosmetic flaw. Other than that all is well and good to go. Comes as shown with only power cord no extras.

Based on ETC’s award-winning Eos control system but with a simplified feature set in a stand-alone console, Element was designed expressly for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control. Affordable and easy to use, Element packs in the fundamentals of lighting control. Element comes in two hardware versions, based on fader count, to suit your rig.


  • Element 40 – 250 Channels
  • Element 40 – 500 Channels
  • Element 60 – 250 Channels
  • Element 60 – 500 Channels

Lighting control in your Element:


  • Channel Faders – Not just any channel faders – true LTP channel faders that you can use for simple shows directly or to build up looks for use as submasters or cues, or to actually edit levels stored in subs or cues live.
  • Submasters – Turn a switch, and your channel faders become 40 Submasters for simple playback of live shows. Need subs all the time? The Element 60 provides 20 dedicated submaster faders in addition to the 40 switchable channel/submaster faders.
  • Cue List – Record cues and fade times into Element’s single cue list for simple playback of more complex shows using a GO button. When you’re ready, use more complex timing functions like cue parts and follows to create more intricate lighting transitions.
  • Effects – Record effects directly into cues or load them into Submasters for even more dynamic lighting looks.
  • Accessory, LED and moving-light controls – At the press of a button, the On Demand ML Controls appear on screen with tools designed to control smaller numbers of non-intensity equipment like scrollers, gobo rotators and mirror heads for conventional fixtures. Color and Gel Picker tools let you apply just the right color to LEDs and color-mixing accessories and fixtures. Intensity, Focus, Color and Beam Palettes let you store commonly-used settings to buttons you can label yourself.


  • System Capacity:
    • 1024 Outputs/Parameters
    • 250 Channels
    • 10,000 Cues
    • 1 Cue List
    • 4 x 1000 Palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
    • 1000 Groups
    • 1000 Effects (relative, absolute or step)
    • 1000 Macros
    • Supports two external DVI monitors or one VGA Monitor at 1280x1024 resolution, with optional touchscreen control)
    • Hard Disk
    • USB ports for flash drives, pointing devices, keyboards
  • Interfaces:
    • 2 DMX-512 Ports (RDM ready)
    • Ethernet (ETCNet2, Net3, Artnet and Avab UDP protocols)
    • Contact Closure triggers via D-Sub connector
    • 2 DVI video connectors support two external DVI displays (1280 x 1024 with optional touch screen control
    • 1 - VGA connector
    • USB Multi-purpose (minimum 5 ports)
    • Phone Remote
    • Net 3 Radio Focus Remote
    • Midi In/Out (Timecode, Show Control)
    • Additional Midi/SMPTE Timecode,Show Control through Net3 Gateway
    • Additional contact closure (12 analog inputs, 12 SPDT contact outputs, RS-232) Net3 Gateway