Dual Trimble R8 Model 3 UHF Base & Rover Glonass Survey Sytem 450-470Mhz

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The Trimble R8 Model 3 GNSS receiver combines the most comprehensive feature set into an integrated and flexible system for demanding surveying applications.

  • The Trimble R8 GNSS includes a built-in TX/RX UHF radio, enabling the ultimate flexibility for rover or base operation.
  • As a base station, the internal NTRIP caster provides you with customized access to base station corrections via the internet (cellular modem required).

Trimble's exclusive, Web UI™ eliminates travel requirements for routine monitoring of base station receivers. Now you can assess the health and status of base receivers and perform remote configurations from the office. Through Web UI, you can also readily download post-processing data and save additional trips out to the field.

Enabling the Connected Site 
Pair the speed and accuracy of the Trimble R8 GNSS receiver with flexibility and collaboration tools of Trimble Access software. Trimble Access brings the field and office teams closer by enabling data sharing and collaboration in a secure, web-based environment. With optional streamlined workflows, Trimble Access further empowers surveyors and survey teams for success. Now it is easier than ever to realize the potential of the Trimble Connected Site. Connecting the right tools, techniques, services and relationships enables surveying businesses to achieve more every day.



Package Includes:
- 2X Trimble R8 Model 3 GNSS RTK SYSTEM with internal radio UHF 450 to 470Mhz (RX/TX can use as either base or rover) (FCC COMPLIANT)
- 2X UHF Whip Antennas
- 2X Receiver Batteries
- 1X Gps Battery Charger (Dual cradle)
- 1X Hard Shell Case