Cognex ISM1403-11 R In-Sight Micro Vision System w/ Lens, Filter & Led SQR-56RD-ISM-TC

  • $1,899.99

For Sale: Cognex ISM1403-11 P/N:825-0201-1R C  In Excellent working condition Guaranteed NON-DOA. Barely used. Some markings are shown in the photo on the bottom from mounting/dismounting. Used for 2 months sparingly. All images are of actual items.

Part Numbers:
Camera: ISM1403-11 P/N 825-0201-1R C Type 821-0047-1R B

Filter: Midwest Optical Systems BP660 25.5 Red Band Pass

Led Ring: P/N SQR-56RD-ISM with Cables

Lens: Japan No 71979