Trimble RTS655 SPS620 5" Robotic Total Station for surveying

  • $7,499.99


For sale, we have a Trimble Total Station Package that is calibrated and ready for work.

What is included:

Trimble RTS655 Robotic Total Station

2X Robot Batteries

Dual Bay Battery Charger

Trimble carry case


The RTS655 is the same as the SPS620


  • MagDrive technology for maximum speed and efficiency
  • MultiTrack technology offers the best tracking technology
  • Quickly mark layout points with a laser pointer
  • Lock onto your target faster in robotic mode with Track-Light technology
Robotic Range

Autolock and Robotic range2

  • Passive prisms: 500–700 m (1,640–2,297 ft)
  • Trimble MultiTrack Target: 800 m (2,625 ft)

Autolock pointing precision at 200 m (656 ft) (standard deviation)2

  • Passive prisms: <2 mm (0.007 ft)
  • Trimble MultiTrack™ Target: <2 mm (0.007 ft)

Shortest search distance

0.2 m (.65 ft

Search time (typical)4

2–10 s